Within the broad field of optics, SnellOptics is well known for its high quality products and services. We have three product lines in continuous development. We work with zeal and enthusiasm being our goal the customer satisfaction. Our product lines are

  • Plastic Optics
    SnellOptics designs plastic optics for LED lighting. Our production process takes into account the lenses manufacturing process and its environment of use. more 

  • Instrumentation
    SnellOptics has several measuring instruments ready to use. We also have the capability to adapt and / or develop a costum instrument adapted to your needs more 

  • Engineering Projects
    SnellOptics's origin and trajectory leads to a high expertise in viability, study and development of engineering optics projects. Our working team is multidisciplinary and we are experts in radiometry and photometry, so for us light has no longer secret. more 

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